Air Conditioning

Summer months are hot in the midwest. All State has been helping make them more tolerable with air conditioning systems for over 35 years. Whether you have an old system that needs repairs, or are looking for a quote to get a new install, All State can suit your needs. We can cool anything from a small home, all the way up to a shopping mall.

We install some of the most cost effective and low maintenance systems on the market today. With multiple types to choose form, we are sure to have what you need.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

Whether you have a new home under construction or an existing home needing a ventilation upgrade, All State offers you the best ventilation choices. Our systems provide powerful, quiet blowers in both their ventilation fans and energy recovery ventilators so you can enjoy ample air exchange without the objectionable noise associated with lower quality products. If you want the best whole home approach to efficient and effective ventilation, All State's ERV systems make your choice easy.

In the energy exchange core, the exhausted stale air and the fresh ventilation air pass through multiple air passages separated by an engineered composite resin partition plate. Sensible heat transfers from the warm to the cool air stream. Also, latent energy (water vapor) transfers from the wet to the dry air stream. The fresh incoming air is automatically pre-heated or pre-cooled depending on the season. This dramatically reduces the energy costs of ventilation. This unique moisture transfer feature of the energy exchange core also eliminates condensate and frosting in most applications. No mechanical or electrical defrost systems are needed, which means higher heat recovery efficiencies, simpler installation and more reliable operation.

During the heating season outdoor air is warmed close to room temperature with heat that would otherwise be lost with the exhaust air. The water vapor transfer moderates extremes in humidity levels which helps prevent moisture damage or over-drying of the home. The heat and humidity transfer (sensible and latent energy) gives ERV systems a big advantage over other air-to-air exchangers typically recovering 30% more energy in winter.

During the air conditioning season when you need to cool for comfort do you hate the stuffy, musty air quality in your home? All State's ERV systemss provide necessary fresh air while pre-cooling and pre-dehumidifying this air with energy that would otherwise be lost with the exhaust air. With summertime humidity control (latent energy) being the largest portion of air conditioning cost, humidity transfer is critical. In fact our ERV systems are typically three times more energy efficient than products that transfer only heat.

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